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Anoud Company specialized in inventing, designing and producing educational games for children, we produce great types of games that enhance learning through playing and distribute them all over the world. Anoud was founded in Jerusalem in 1996. Today it is one of the largest suppliers of the educational games worldwide.




We aim to facilitate learning for students through our educational games, which we produce ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to assist in the provision of quality education through dissemination of educational games and aid models that will enhance children participatory learning. Our ambitions and dreams will not stop at this point. We increased our growth acceleration in order to become the first company in this field. 


We have produced a wide range of educational toys which have received a great welcome from various educational institutions as well as parents. As a result of this success we were approached by a number of investors who wished to be part of our success in promoting new educational methodologies. We are now considered the main provider of educational games in the area, and have been approached to take part in a number of exhibitions and workshops that were targeting schools, teachers, parents, and students. In these activities Anoud presented a wide variety of educational games and teaching aids that were sought and welcomed by the educational institutes as well as the public. 


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